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California ATV Certification Program
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the California State Certification Program?
When operating an ATV on public land, California state law currently requires that all ATV riders under 18 years of age must possess an ATV Safety Certificate or be supervised by an adult possessing the Certificate. All ATV riders under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult.

2. How can I get an ATV Safety Certificate?
Any student who completes or participates as an "Observer" (see #6 below) in an ATV RiderCourse, taught by a California licensed Instructor will be eligible to receive an ATV Safety Certificate. Only students 17 years of age and under will be issued certificates automatically. All others must request them by calling ASI Client Services at (800) 776-7620. (*Special conditions apply.)

3. What if I lose my Certificate?
Replacement/duplicate ATV Safety Certificates are available from ASI Client Services at (800) 776-7620 for a $3.00 fee.

4. If I already took the ATV RiderCourse, do I need to take it again to get an ATV Safety Certificate?
No. Call ASI Client Services at (800) 776-7620 for more information.

5. Are there any age/ATV size restrictions?
Yes. The age of the rider must meet any manufacturer's recommendations for the vehicle ridden and be at least 6 years of age. Additionally, the instructor/coach may limit the use of any vehicle deemed to create a safety hazard.

6.What if I don't have the right sized machine for my child's age group?
In some areas loan ATVs may be available free of charge. If the appropriately sized ATV is not available, students age 6 through 15 can participate as an "Observer" and still receive their ATV Safety Certificate, but not an ATV RiderCourse completion card.

7. What is an Observer's role in the class?
An Observer will participate in classroom lessons and discussions, and will also observe all riding lessons from a safe vantage point.

8. How many Observers can be in a class at the same time?
A class can have a total of 4 Observers, in addition to a maximum of 8 students for a total of a 12 students maximum in one class.

9. As an Observer, will I still receive an ASI RiderCourse completion card?
No, but you will receive a California ATV Safety Certificate.

10. When will I receive my ATV Safety Certificate?
Certificates are printed and mailed on the 1st and 15th of each month.

11. If I enroll in the ATV RiderCourse as an Observer, will I receive a confirmation letter?
Yes, a confirmation letter will be mailed that includes a detailed map with directions to the site and the Instructor's name and phone number. If you enroll online, you will be directed to an online confirmation letter and map.

12. What is the cost of the class?
The fee for students is $150. Purchasers of new ATVs may be eligible for free training. Contact Enrollment Express for more information at (800) 887-2887. California residents can participate in the training as "Observers" if they are age 6 through 15.

13. If I live in another state, but ride in California on public lands, do I need a California ATV Safety Certificate?
If you hold a certificate issued by another state such as Oregon Parks & Recreation or Utah Department of Parks, California will recognize and accept those certificates.

14. What are considered public lands?
State parks, BLM land, ORV parks, state forests, etc.

15. Can I ride on private property without a Certificate?

16. Can residents of other states get a California ATV Safety Certificate?
Yes, if you complete or observe an ATV RiderCourse taught by a California licensed Instructor and pay a $3.00 Certificate fee. Call ASI Client Services at (800) 776-7620 for more information.

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